Wet work contractor Singapore

As a singapore wet work contractor, we provide specialised construction related wet work services for all home owners as well as commercial work. Our wet work activities includes cement screeding, plastering, skim coating, block wall erection, Pre-cast Wall installation, CMU laying to various type of tiling laying (marble, granite, homogeneous, mosaic tiles, glass tiles, pebble washes, cobble stone etc.)

Scope of wet work

If you are looking to renovate your HDB, office or warehouse, you may need our wet work related services as follow: 

  • Overlaying of new wall tiles or floor tiles for your HDB or condo, warehouse, shop houses, or factory.
  • Cement screeding for purpose of replacing damage tiles and finished with homogenous tiles, marbles or granite.
  • Reinstall wall tiles, block wall, floor tiles, or brick wall due to crack or expansion.
  • Replacement of tile for your retail shop, office, warehouses, factory during reinstatement work.
  • Tiling work such as replace and overlay tiling, or floor tile repair for residential and commercial.

Our range of wet work

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Why should you hire Lai Renovation & Construction for your related wet work?

Lai Renovation & Construction is your trusted wet work contractor that you can count on, if you are looking to hire a reliable and experienced company to compete the job correctly.

In any wet work project, the crucial aspect to ensure smooth work progress and handover depends very much on the knowledge and commitment on  manpower, and in Lai Renovation, we invested heavily in our team to ensure all our workers are highly trained to deliver what is required – a on-time cement screeding, brick works, or tiling work with superior workmanship.

As an experienced wet work contractor in Singapore, we have completed many successful project with different type of block wall, plastering and finishing work in a building needs and you can rest assured that we are able to offer quality advice on the right sequencing and best practices in any wet works project, so as to avoid any unnecessary abortive work and time lost for the rework.

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