Wall hacking Singapore

Whether you are expanding your living space, moving the door entrance or archway, or boldly getting rid of all partitions in your home, you need expert, HDB-approved demolition and hacking contractors to carry out your wall hacking needs.

Often, we barely give second thoughts about hacking down walls, especially if it suits our overall planned aesthetic. When you think about it, it’s not just about tearing down walls and opening up space. There are several considerations that our untrained eyes fail to see. For one, the structural integrity of the building must not be compromised. Thus, methodical, well-thought out hacking plans must be in place. Second, if you tear down walls, the surrounding walls and flooring will highly likely be affected – and that’s not even considering the electrical wiring and piping that might be displaced. Third, safe disposal and haulage of your wreckage is mandatory.

That is why experts save the day. Lai Renovation & Construction is one of the leading, most often-engaged demolition and hacking contractor, with years of experience and successful projects under our belt. We have worked with renowned interior designers in Singapore and our reputation for delivering successful hacking works for floor and wall each and every time precedes us. As an approved HDB contractor, we have up-to-date knowledge of the guidelines, processes and procedures, as well as the aptitude to handle even the most seemingly difficult hacking projects.

Hacking and demolition work Singapore

Common Wall Hacking Requirements in Singapore

For years, we have handled wall hacking projects for BTOs, HDBs or landed property. Most of which involve the following:

Kitchen wall hacking services

Kitchen Wall

We hack kitchen walls and reconfigure your kitchen space. This has been quite popular recently, given the rise in popularity of open kitchen concepts.

Bedroom wall hacking

Bedroom Wall

We can hack partitions to add in a walk-in closet, expand the bedroom space, or combine two bedrooms into one. Just like magic.

Half wall hacking services

Half Wall

You will be surprised to learn that hacking half a wall artistically and judiciously, and then replacing it with glass is quite common in Singapore homes.

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Why should you choose Lai Renovation & Construction for all your wall hacking needs?

Lai Reno wall hacking

Lai Renovation & Construction has a well-trained, accredited and reliable team. We regularly update our knowledge and skills with the necessary certification and training. We have years of experience handling demolition and hacking projects across all property types – including condo, landed property, HDB and BTOs under our belt. And most of all, we have reputable workmanship and zero defects. 

Lai Renovation & Construction delivers both quality and timeliness, taking approximately two (2) days to complete demolition and hacking projects – big or small-scale! Our rates are the most competitive you can find in the market. We do so as we skip middlemen costs by offering direct contractor services and pricing. But that’s not all, we are your one-stop solution, covering pre, during, and post-hacking works by offering haulage services to clear debris and ensure your safety.

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