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Retail shop reinstatement Singapore

Moving out of leased retail premises mean that you have to comply with all your contractual obligations prior to handing over the keys back to the mall owner. Failure to do so could forfeit your rent, or worse, lead to a messy lawsuit. Thus, if your contract explicitly states that you reinstate or restore your retail shop to its original condition, you have to fulfil that clause and get your retail shop reinstatement works rolling!

First off, you will need to be very prudent about picking the right reinstatement contractors who already have a retail store reinstatement experience under their belt. In Singapore, reinstatement work in shopping malls and other commercial areas can only commence after shopping mall operating hours to minimise intrusion and inconvenience. Experienced reinstatement contractors such as Lai Renovation & Construction can also advise tenants about the necessary permits that need to be obtained prior to carrying out any fitting-out restore or reinstatement projects. Lai Renovation & Construction is trusted by interior design companies, renovation companies and retail shop owners to effectively carry out all reinstatement and restoration works. In addition, we will ensure to efficiently and safely remove and dispose of unwanted items subsequent to the retail reinstatement works.

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A Quick and Affordable Restoration for Your Retail Shop

It is crucial to only hire BCA approved contractors for your project, and to iron out all the necessary permits and paperwork from authorities and mall owners before commencing any reinstatement works. Reinstatement contractors can help you with that.

Reinstatement contractors can help tear down wall features and fixtures that were only installed after you leased the property, whether it be a warehouse, a retail store, restaurant or an office space. We help ensure that you get your lease deposit back and comply with the lease contract, hassle-free. Lai Renovation & Construction can assist you with:

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Why should you choose Lai Renovation & Construction for a quick and affordable restoration of your retail shop?

Lai Renovation & Construction has a proven track record of completing reinstatement works round the clock to meet tight deadlines. We are an approved BCA contractor, with a reputation for excellence and quality work, and offering direct restoration work at a highly affordable rate. That means, we ensure that we maintain the cleanliness of the premises during and after the project. Call us now for a free quote!

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