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In land-scarce Singapore, leasing a commercial space for business operations is fairly common. Even the most successful corporations who own their commercial buildings had, at some point, leased out smaller spaces. Renovations may be made to the leased commercial space to make it your own and reflect your brand image. However, once the lease contract expires, you will have to reinstate and restore the leased space into its original condition. This is often explicitly stated in your commercial lease contract. Failure to comply may put you at risk of losing your deposit and even unwanted legal liabilities. Most tenants, especially first-time tenants, are not aware of these legal obligations.

Reinstatement works, also commonly referred to as restoration works, is the repair and reconditioning of your office, retail, commercial space or even warehouse to its original condition. Reinstatement work means that you will have to restore everything from the walls, flooring, and ceiling to its original condition. Which means that it goes beyond deep cleaning. Rather, false ceilings, partition walls built, carpets, built-in cabinets, racks, glass works, electrical wiring, plumbing system and air-conducting systems must also be removed. The place must be reinstated to reflect the original placement of its power points, electrical wiring, sprinklers, irrigation systems and more.

Reinstatement specialists such as Lai Renovation & Construction have helped several business owners reinstate and restore their leased spaces. We ensure that safety and precautionary measures are in place as we dismantle, hack, restore and reinstate your leased space. We offer cost-effective reinstatement and restoration service to get your leased property ready, in a hassle-free and timely manner.

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No two reinstatement works are alike. Each reinstatement project depends on a wide range of variables including the space, and the extent the space was altered. Lai Renovation & Construction offers a full spectrum of office reinstatement services and/or retail shop reinstatement services, ranging from electrical rewiring, dismantling of false ceilings, repainting works, carpet removal, floor hacking and more, at a speedy turnaround time of 24 to 72 hours. We prepare a carefully curated, detailed plan of action on how we will go about your reinstatement project, from dismantling, to repainting, rewiring. As we value safety, we will of course put up signs that your unit is undergoing reinstatement work, and we will utilise temporary support structures, C.I. sheets, timbre or heavy-duty nets as shields to prevent debris from being scattered all over the premises.

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Lai Renovation & Construction is your one-stop reinstatement service provider in Singapore, offering full reinstatement services – from small to medium sized contracts – including hacking, demolition, dismantling and restoration. We are an approved reinstatement service provider with a superb reputation of providing timely, effective and thorough completion of projects. Most of all, we offer a cost-effective and efficient solution with our transparent pricing policy that not many can match in Singapore. Call us now for a free on-site quotation to be scheduled at your convenient time!

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