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It is quite common for Singapore businesses to move from one location to another as their business expands or as they opt to move to a more strategic location. That means that in an average business’s lifespan, the owners may have to sign more than just one lease agreement for the rental of warehouses, offices or retail space. For those who have moved numerous times in the past, they are no strangers to the contractual obligations under their commercial property leases. For first-time tenants, this is something you should watch out for. In most cases, tenants are required to remove all temporary fixtures and decors to reinstate and restore the leased space to its original condition – devoid of any modifications whatsoever. 

An additional expense, yet absolutely necessary, is engaging trusted reinstatement experts such as Lai Renovation & Construction to skillfully handle all reinstatement and restoration work required prior to handover of the property to the landlord. Reinstatement works often require hacking, tearing, dismantling, haulage, and proper waste management and disposal. Then of course, there is that added pressure of meeting timelines, trying to keep the business afloat while managing your relocation renovations and office reinstatement works. That is where Lai Renovation & Construction comes in handy.

Lai Reno reinstatement work

Our office reinstatement services

In an average office space handover, the reinstatement services usually require the following:

Electrical removal services
Removing of all floor finishing

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Lai Renovation & Construction is highly-trained and HDB-approved, with years of experience in reinstatement and restoration projects. We provide you peace of mind as we expertly handle the stressful part of your lease contract obligations — while you focus on running your business. We provide a full spectrum of reinstatement service, ranging from hacking, dismantling and haulage. Best of all, you are assured that your quality office reinstatement work is handled by a group of trained professionals — and that the service comes with an affordable, competitive price tag – one of the most competitive pricing in Singapore, in fact.


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