Metal welding Singapore

In highly advanced, developed economies such as Singapore, the metal welding industry is huge, to say the least. Metal welding is required for the manufacturing and repair of automobiles, small appliances, solar panels, building structures and more. If you look outside your window, you will see sheltered walkways and railings, which, as you may have guessed, requires metal welding. The art and science of metal welding is manifested everywhere you look. However, the durability and artistry are dependent on the service provider employed for the task.

Lai Renovation & Construction provides impeccable, high-quality workmanship using top-of-the line materials. We offer the paramount quality of metal fabrication and metal welding services possible for both our commercial and residential clients — fearlessly taking on your customisation requests. Our sheet metal fabrication uses tried and tested methods including laser cutting, metal bending, metal rolling, metal shearing and complete sheet metal fabrication.

The metal fabrication process takes a lot of careful planning when it comes to the types of materials to use, layout, storage area, raw material equipment and processes to ensure that you get the best quality according to your customised request. Among the common materials often used for metal fabrication are welding wires, castings, and plate metal. Metal welding is the challenging process of joining together two metal pieces with similar melting points and composition using heat fusion via brazing or soldering. To prevent oxidation or contamination, the metal welding process also requires a shield.

As safety is our primary concern, both yours as a customer and our team, we ensure that our qualified and certified staff are clad in protective clothing as they carry out your customised metal welding works. Further, we use advanced operating systems to ensure accuracy of the welding process. If a suitable bolted connection is not possible, we resort to site welding – that is how agile we are. We can liaise with individuals on-site to ensure that provisions are made to accommodate safe access, easy inspection of the craftsmanship, and fortification against Singapore’s volatile weather conditions.

Our Range of Metal Welding Products and Services

Lai Renovation & Construction offers a range of metal welding products and services, including:

Modern architecture terrace aluminum rail and fall protection

Balcony divider

We create robust dividers for shared housing patios and balconies.

Gate metal welding


We manufacture sturdy gates for all types of properties in Singapore.
Fence metal welding


We fabricate all sorts of metal fence, with the customised design you have in mind.
Steel drainage

Steel drainage

Our steel drainage requires minimum maintenance, with hygiene as our top consideration when we install it for you.
Wine rack metal work

Wine rack

For the wine connoisseur, we create inventive yet sturdy racks to store your precious collection.

Why should you choose Lai Renovation & Construction for all your renovation welding needs?

Lai Renovation & Construction, a trusted metal fabricator in Singapore, offers high-quality, durable and impressive welding services to cater to your specifically customised requests. Whatever you require, whether it be a simple bracket installation, steel structural fabrication or shelter fabrication, we are ready to take on the challenge, armed with expertise and passion to deliver only the very best to you.

We assist in the on-site installation of the welding finished products and generously provide expert advice on ongoing projects and welding procedures. In addition to providing all metal works related to your metal fabrication project, we also offer engineering support, covering blueprint, planning, and calculation. As metal fabrication requires precision engineering and an expert eye for detail, trust only certified specialists such as Lai Renovation & Construction to manage your projects. Call us now at 84844432!

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