Masonry work Singapore

Masonry works is commonly referred to as tiling works or brick works, and is a common work for walls within any renovation works. The process of masonry work involves overlaying of ceramic laying of ceramic, marble or other prefered types of tiles onto the wall and floor to provide decorative finishes.

At Lai Renovation, beside providing reinstatement support, we also extend our excellent tiling works capabilities to office and homes owners. Some of our most popular tiling services is as follow:

  • Laying of homogenous/ marble/ granite tiles on floors and walls.
  • Overlaying of tiles on existing tiled or bare surfaces, inclusive of surface treatment beforehand.
  • Erecting brick or hollow block walls.
  • Plastering of walls and floors.
  • All forms of concrete related works.
Bricklayer installing
Tiling work Singapore

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