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Living in HDBs means that you have to comply with stringent, sensible guidelines from the Housing and Development Board. If you wish to expand your living space and hack down partitions, walls, or false ceilings, HDBs strictly requires that you engage only contractors that are listed on their Directory of Renovation Contractor (DRC). In addition, all HDB demolition and hacking works should have HDB’s written approval. An additional step, but necessary, to guarantee that the building’s structural integrity and the safety of the dwellers is not compromised in any way.

That is why it is crucial to engage HDB-approved demolition and hacking contractors such as Lai Renovation & Construction. Vastly experienced, we have come to the aid of numerous homeowners and interior design firms to perform all their hacking and dismantling requirements; and to ensure that homeowners renovation vision come to life just as they dreamt it to be. With Singapore homes shrinking in sizes, minimalist, bright and airy spaces have become the design most favoured by Singapore HDB or BTO homeowners.

Subsequent to hacking works, expect your space and your surroundings to be speckled with waste. We also offer disposal services to ensure that your waste and wreckage are disposed of safely and the work area is kept safe and free of debris.

HDB hacking services Singapore

Our Range of HDB Hacking Services in Singapore

We offer a variety of HDB hacking services in Singapore, including:

Floor hacking Singapore

We transform old, compartmentalised homes, into contemporary bright open-spaced abodes.

Reinstatement work Singapore

We hack old, stained floors and replace them with your choice of spanking new, flooring.

Dismantling work Singapore

We will systematically dismantle cabinets or built-in wardrobe to ensure minimal damage to surrounding fixtures.

Haulage services Singapore

We ensure that the premises are safe and kept free of wreckage and debris post dismantling works.

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HDB hacking services Singapore

Why should you choose Lai Renovation & Construction for all your HDB hacking and demolition needs?

You can rest easy knowing that Lai Renovation & Construction is in HDB’s DRC, authorised to carry out demolition and hacking works. We are sanctioned to carry out hacking works and have the certification and experience to prove it.

For years, our highly-trained and experienced team has supervised and executed demolition and hacking services successfully. To add to that, we also are a one-stop solution offering homeowners full disposal and haulage services. This means that we are there for you pre-hacking to prepare your hacking blueprint, executing the hacking, and post-hacking to ensure that the premises are kept clean and safe.

Pricing-wise, you will find a hard time finding a package as competitive as ours, especially in the Singapore market.

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