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More often than not, contractors carry out renovation and construction projects with a razor-sharp focus on getting the specifications done according the client’s requirements and the final approved blueprint. Taking top priority is the need to create the desired space within the timeline agreed upon and to stay within the budget.

What is critical – and critical is an understatement here – is considering how the bulky building materials can be transported to the site, how your waste is going to be hauled and where it is going to be dumped. Lai Renovation & Construction offers haulage services to ensure that you only have to think about polishing and adding finishing touches to your renovation or construction project, instead of thinking about waste haulage and disposal. We haul away the clutter so you can focus on your masterpiece.

Lai Renovation & Construction’s haulage services works both ways. First, we deliver the building materials necessary for your renovation and construction project with minimum fuss. And second, we haul any bulky waste, debris or rubble away from the site, post-renovation or post-construction.

Unscrupulous contractors and interior design companies disappointingly forego social responsibility and irresponsibly dispose of construction debris down the refuse chutes or the sewers. This imprudence will come back to haunt you eventually as HDB will charge you for the repair and cleaning of damage refuse chutes of sewage.

Indeed, haulage and debris removal after any hacking works or dismantling services can be troublesome and costly. Justifiably so as hauling rubbish and renting lorries large enough to transport your solid waste is not easy. In fact, the cost can go as high as thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the renovation project and the extent of the works.

The Haulage Cost Depends on Your Renovation Project

The haulage and debris removal service fee provided by Lai Renovation & Construction includes:

  • Labour cost to carry tiles, cement and sand to the premises/construction site
  • Labour cost to clear debris accumulated during the renovation process
  • Cost of sand
  • Transportation cost for getting sand to the premises/construction site
  • Transportation cost for delivering debris to the dump site

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Why should you choose Lai Renovation & Construction for all your haulage and debris removal needs?

At Lai Renovation & Construction, beside being a reputable demolition and hacking contractor, our haulage and disposal services is also widely used within the renovation and construction industry. We use our own vehicles for heavy waste haulage. We can deliver your waste to the designated, Government-approved dumping site, so you can continue with your construction and renovation project without worrying about the mounting waste. We have a well-maintained haulage fleet and a well-trained crew who meet the current environmental and legislative standards. In addition, our sophisticated management software allows us to monitor the movement of our haulage fleet on a daily basis, ensuring that each project is carried out on time, every time.

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