Furniture dismantling services Singapore

Moving houses or renovating means that you would eventually have to go dismantle and dispose of old furniture, cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes, or shelves. Furniture dismantling, hacking and disposal, especially those of modular furniture that need to be ripped off walls, require the skilled services of a professional demolition and hacking contractors. Why? For safety reasons of course. Dismantling furniture may appear easy. But it is not, especially if it is fitted with lighting and power points. Second, debris and shrapnel from dismantled furniture pose as safety hazards. Our expert advice based on years of experience? DO NOT dismantle old furniture by yourself.

Whether it be relocation, renovation, removal or disposal, one should not do it alone. That is why the Lai Renovation & Construction team is up and ready to assist you in your dismantling needs. It ensures quality dismantling, disposal and touch up work for furniture you want out of your house or office.

Lai Renovation & Construction offers top-notch services, ranging from proper dismantling of existing built-in cabinets, bed frames, or other built-in platforms to the removal of false ceilings, old furniture, fish ponds, bathtubs, partition walls or temporary fixtures such as window curtains, blinds. We also provide patching and painting services. All you have to do is just simply take a picture of the furniture needed to be removed and send it to Lai Renovation & Construction via email or WhatsApp it to 84844432.

Just don’t forget to share important details that we may need to know before commencing with the project. Examples of which are pipes and power points that may need to be terminated or moved before the project can begin and of course your location, the necessary information they may need such as the path, stairs, or the availability of lifts. If you also seek further assistance such as painting or other touch up works do not hesitate to inform and ask for the service for it is also offered.

Furniture dismantling Singapore

Common Dismantling Services Required in Singapore

We are committed to providing you the best and safest solution to your dismantling and furniture disposal requirements. Some of the common dismantling services we help solve are:

  • Bed frames and dismantling of built-in platforms
  • False ceilings
  • Hacking of old furniture, fish pond, bath tubs and other fixtures
  • Wall partition hacking and proper disposal
  • Dismantling of office cabinets and workstations
  • Safe and proper dismantling of built-in cabinets, TV consoles, entertainment and feature walls or kitchen cabinets.
  • Window curtains, blinds or other temporary fixture. As we remove your curtains and blinds, we also provide patching and painting services to cover up those unsightly holes in your wall.
  • All other heavy-duty furniture that require brute strength and skill to dismantle and dispose of.
Dismantling existing furniture

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Why should you choose Lai Renovation & Construction for all your home and business dismantling needs?

So, why choose Lai Renovation & Construction for all your home and business dismantling needs? First and foremost, we are a BCA and HDB approved contractor that provides services for your dismantling needs while also ensuring proper disposal and haulage services. We do not only dismantle furniture, but provide quality touch-up services as well. The process is efficient, easy and safe. Be it your house or office, they are here to assist and satisfy your furniture dismantling needs and more. What more can you ask for? Contact us now at 84844432.

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