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Tiling can be one of the most expensive items on any renovation list. That is why it is not surprising how some people tolerate old, stained and even cracked floor tiles and refuse to re-tile them. If, however, you already have some waterproofing issue or simply cannot stand the sight of old, stained, unsightly floor finishes that come with the place, then it is time to replace your existing flooring with new ones.

Floor hacking is not as easy as whacking a mole using a sledgehammer. The removal of existing floor finishes must be done properly and expertly, which is precisely why HDB requires a Building Works permit for the hacking and removal of existing floor finishes. A misstep or a miscalculation could prove to be fatal, adding unnecessary stress on the floor slab, thus weakening the structure of the flat itself.

HDB requires a permit for the replacement of floor finishes such as ceramics, terrazzo, marble, parquet or timbre, and other floor tiles. Permit is also required for topping up flooring using any of the following lightweight cement screed or block on your balcony, kitchen or toilet & bath. To ensure that works are safely carried out, there is  specific guidelines and conditions by HDB, which we follow to the letter.

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Floor hacking Singapore

Lai Renovation & Construction performs expert floor hacking services for all sorts of floor finishes, including parquet, wood or concrete flooring, while strictly adhering to HDB’s guidelines and conditions each and every time.

Floor hacking is indeed a seemingly unnecessary additional expense to further bore a hole in your pocketbook. However, with the right contractors, the expenses do not have to balloon that much. Lai Renovation & Construction offers affordable floor hacking services, providing one of the most competitive pricing on the Singapore market today. Other than being renowned for our affordable, direct contractor pricing, our reputation for quality and excellence precedes us. We are one of Singapore’s most trusted, most often-engaged hacking and demolition contractors, relied on by homeowners and interior design companies alike. To date, we have completed numerous floor hacking and demolition projects all over Singapore, ranging from BTOs, HDBs, condos, landed property and even commercial spaces.

We are your trusted one-stop service provider offering hacking and demolition services. And, most of all, we offer safe clearing of debris and haulage of solid waste to approved dumping grounds as part of our proper waste management solution.

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