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All renovation, reinstatement, hacking or demolition projects have one common denominator – that’s waste removal and disposal. Whether you are well-versed in the construction, renovation and reinstatement industry, disposal of furniture, equipment and hacked timbre, among others, is still something you leave to the experts.

After each renovation project, debris and unused wood are often left all over the surrounding premises. In addition, subsequent to any reinstatement work, you are required to hand over the leased unit back to the landlord in its original condition. Reinstatement and restoration require that you remove furniture and fixtures that you may have added on during the period which you leased the space. That is when professionals such as Lai Renovation & Construction come in. Lai Renovation & Construction offers full-service waste removal, taking away household items, furniture, fixtures and timbre efficiently and systematically.

Our removal and disposal service cover collecting and disposing of bulky, recyclable waste – whether commercial or residential. All these wastes are disposed at Government-designated dumping sites. In addition, we help touch up, patch up holes, and repaint walls and ceilings after dismantling and disposal of all your built-in furniture and fixture. We can manage all repainting and repair works within the timeframe you require. Finally, our disposal service is highly competitive and guaranteed not to break your pocketbooks.

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Common dismantling and disposal services in Singapore

Lai Renovation & Construction’s disposal team have handled numerous disposals works including:

Cotton on reinstatement services
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In all of Singapore, rarely will you find a trusted, renowned company that offers competitive pricing for the safe and eco-friendly disposal of bulky items. We have a dedicated team of professionals, including consultants and on-site specialists, who will ensure that the removal and disposal process is carried out securely, to put your mind at ease. Our stringent rules and regulations when it comes to adhering to proper waste management ensures that safety is always the topmost priority. Call us now for a free quote, and allow us to handle the bulky, messy part of your renovation, remodeling or reinstatement works.

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