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Demolition and hacking services Singapore

More often than not, people equate demolition with hacking. Technically, this is a misconception. Demolition encompasses so much more than hacking. It includes dismantling, dust containment and waste management and disposal. Demand for demolition and hacking services in Singapore has grown over the years due to the rise of shoebox flats. Not surprisingly, homeowners would find alternative means to maximise their living space, even if it means hacking down concrete. 

Demolition and hacking is a specialised service. It requires an intensive understanding of a building structure and preserving its integrity, as well as an up-to-date understanding of the demolition permit approval process from relevant authorities. For the safety of the dwellers, it is imperative that home and business owners engage reliable and registered demolition and hacking service providers.

Lai Renovation & Construction offers both experience and expertise. We have certifications and skilled course completions under our belt. To boost, we have a strong track record of executing perfectly executed hacking services.

The common hacking services in Singapore

The most common, in-demand hacking services in Singapore involve opening up living space and hacking down concrete divisions. This is pretty tricky as it stringently requires HDB-approved hacking contractors in Singapore who understand the structural integrity of the building.

Wall hacking Singapore

Methodically and strategically taking down pillars and walls to create new spaces.

Floor hacking Singapore

Involves taking out existing floors and replacing them with a fresh new flooring.

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Lai Reno demolition and hacking work

Why should you choose Lai Renovation & Construction for all your hacking and demolition needs?

Lai Renovation & Construction is one of the most sought-after and often-engaged hacking contractors in Singapore, whether for residential or commercial hacking needs. Our price is one of the lowest you will ever find in the Singapore market, yet our quality and professionalism is beyond expectations. This combination has made us one of Singapore’s favourite demolition contractors repeatedly engaged by interior design companies and homeowners. 

As an HDB-registered contractor, you can count on us to provide strategic hacking & dismantling services for pre-installed fixture within your home.

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