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Not many of you are familiar with cement screed or the act of cement screeding. Cement screeding is the application of a thin layer of cement screed to the floor to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of bumps. That is why this is also referred to as surface preparation as it smoothens uneven ground and covers up damaged flooring. The thin layer, or the cement screed, is often a mixture of cement, sand and fine aggregates that, when applied parsimoniously, create a smoothened surface. The smoothened surface now makes the application of floor finishes such as tiles, vinyl or wood laminates easier and more efficient.

Cement screed is applied in any type of establishment and in any room, yes, even the toilet. At some point, using cement screed as floor finish has become a fad as it creates a raw, earthy, rustic atmosphere. However, if not applied properly, expect hairline cracks to surface over time.

Lai Renovation & Construction offers cement screeding services, on top of our floor hacking, renovation and construction services. We can apply cement screed to cover up damaged flooring or even out your floor surface. Our cement screed is made of the highest quality cement and sand mixture and can be used for HDBs, condos, landed properties, commercial establishments, office spaces or even public areas. Lai Renovation & Construction has the expertise and experience in cement screeding to ensure that the project is completed efficiently and competently.

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The Application of Cement Screeding

The conventional application of cement screed involves the use of concrete sand mixture using ordinary Portland cement or OPC. However, cement screeding has evolved over time and current market practice is to use pre-mixed cement screed as per HDB’s regulations.

Preparation is key to achieve a smooth, quality and lasting cement screed. First, debris, dust and loose cement must be vacuumed. Second, the level peg must be affixed a day prior to cement screed mixing. Third the fragile sequence of interfacing and adding coating is critical to minimise defects and avoid hairline cracks, unevenness and hollowness. Finally, after application, cement screed should be left to settle and dry for a minimum of five days before it can be walked on.

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