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Those in real estate, interior design, or home remodelling are undoubtedly familiar with demolition contractors. For those who are not, demolition contractors dismantle, hack, and clear debris so clear out your space for reinstatement work. A quick Google search will show an array of demolition contractors in Singapore. But pay heed, finding a trusted demolition contractor is not easy. A single erroneous hacking by an illegal and untrained contractor can jeopardise the integrity of your structure. In addition, all wall hackings and demolition jobs conducted within HDBs must undergo a thorough, detailed permit request process and only certified demolition workers from authorised companies are allowed to carry out demolition works in HDB flats. To be certified, the workers successfully complete a gruelling safety course by HDB and BCA. Lai Renovation & Construction is one of the trusted companies in Singapore that offers reliable, direct contractor pricing, sans the middleman cost. Years of service have rendered them experts and experienced in all residential demolition and hacking works. Lai Renovation & Construction is an HDB-approved demolition contractor, carrying out contractor works for HDBs, condos and landed property as well as offices, retail or commercial spaces.
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Our Range of Services for Home and Offices

Lai Renovation & Construction is your one-stop solution for all your reinstatement and hacking needs, whether it be for your residence or office here in Singapore. If you need to renovate a resale flat, build new kitchen cabinets or wardrobe, you can count on our dismantling expertise and sound advice on how to efficiently and safely hack down walls to free up space. To add value to our service, we also prepare and submit blueprint proposals necessary to file your permit with relevant authorities.

Floor hacking Singapore

We hack down cement walls methodically and strategically.

Reinstatement work Singapore

We offer top quality reinstatement work at an affordable price.

Dismantling work Singapore

Fuss-free dismantling services for wall partitions, cabinets, and other fixtures.

Haulage services Singapore

Fuss-free dismantling services for wall partitions, cabinets, and other fixtures.

Furniture dismantling Singapore

Proper waste management, debris cleaning and hauling services.

Worker with protective mask welding metal

Affordable welding solutions for hard raw metal materials.

Reinstatement work Singapore

Applying cement screed evenly and smoothly using quality materials.

Painting contractor Singapore

Applying cement screed evenly and smoothly using quality materials.

The preferred partners for reinstatement and hacking works.

Excellent workmanship

All our project are completed in house, by our very own team of highly trained and skilled specialist. 

Unbeatable prices

Lai Renovation is one of the very few contractor that offer direct contractor pricing for all restoration and hacking solution.

Deliver right on time

We are committed to complete all hacking and reinstatement project within a fast 48 hours. 

Lai Renovation & Construction is your trusted partner for all your reinstatement and demolition works.

For years, Lai Renovation & Construction has offered high quality craftsmanship with its dedicated team, highly trained and certified by HDB and BCA. From hacking to dismantling services, we are absolutely committed to delivering each project with zero defects, and right on schedule – every single time.

With Lai Renovation & Construction, you can save thousands of dollars by skipping the middleman. And if you need top-notch quality painting solution for your home or office, call on us and we will gladly discuss with you, free of charge. So call us now!

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